I'm excited to begin to share with you some of my ideas. I hope they have value for you.  Some of my posts will be geared to solve specific problems, though they will likely also have more abstract philosophical ideas in them, because that is most often how I think.  Some of my posts will primarily be philosophical musings, though they may also have practical applications or address concerns you have.  I am under no delusion that my ideas will remain strictly consistent over time.  My ideas continue to develop, and have been challenged and revised many times.  Therefore, this blog will be an expression of my own most honest and relevant ongoing thinking.

To whet your appetite, here are some other topics I have been thinking and writing about recently: distraction and the internet, realistic notions of a "most happy" life, essential creativity and responsibility, flow, the basic unavoidability of desire, using language in ways that doesn't set up opposing binaries, and the intrinsic relationships between selfishness, empathy, morality, and climate change.

This blog does not have any "ultimate" goal.  I don't think there are such things, nor any ultimate goods.  After looking and looking and looking for a way to describe one, I now think that there is simply what we want.  Our wants lead to more wants, which reveal more wants, and on and on, landing no where. (This forever carrying forward, forever desiring, will also be a major theme for the blog.) And despite my long resistance to this, I now find that this is actually a fine way to live.  All of the ideas presented here will come from my own struggles trying to navigate a complex world and lead a life that's enjoyable and that I can be proud of.  It is my hope that for those struggling in similar ways and on similar topics the wrestling I've done will make it easier for you to get what you want too. 

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