A Proof that suffering/pain* will never go away completely, to help myself relax

  1. All suffering and pain comes from not having what we want.**
  2. We will never have everything we want because:
    1. we can’t help but want things
    2. wanting entails not having something, whether that something is for ourselves or for someone else.
  3. Therefore: some suffering or pain will always be here.***


* Suffering and pain are distinguishable, but both feel bad, so I don’t think it really matters for this purpose.

** Whether this is mental resistance to what’s happening, or physical reaction to damage, both of these things are desires, broadly defined. Resistance and reaction never go away completely, unless you’re not having any experience at all, because sensations of resistance and reaction are the boundary conditions that constitute having any particular experience at all.

***even if we’re enlightened.