The Structure of (One Type) of Utopia(s)

In every moment, your attention, suffused with care, is absorbed in whatever you are doing.


You see problems as opportunities to express your care.


What does the noticing is your “inner genius,” the collection of all your experiences and holistic sensing, first creating, then shining light on, then giving voice to a new possibility, a better posibility.


How much you come to understand, and bring into the world, what your inner genius notices and the potential future it brings forth depends on how much you trust your inner genius.


This process happens over and over again, whenever you get new information, from new people or new events.


Each time your inner genius, in conjunction with new information, brings forth a vision for the future, it affects the visions for the future that you had before. 


No single vision is the best vision or the complete vision.


How much you trust your inner genius, determines how much new insight, power, possibility, and care you bring into the world.


Whether this utopian process ever ends I don’t know. But, even if this process lasts in perpetuity, it can get better.


There will occur a watershed moment when no one’s getting hurt from the way things are. And instead of solving pains, we invent new and better pleasures not yet experienced. Each person will feel empowered and free to either continue on with life as it is, enjoying it immensely, or to create new opportunites for expression and enjoyment.


In the first case, the person’s inner genius will have a full time job enjoying and appreciating the richness of living. In the second, the person’s inner genius will spend it’s time reveling in it’s own creative activity. Everyone will have some mixture of both.

In any case, in this world there will be betters and worses, and there will be goods. But there won’t be bads.


This world is possible. It’s even possible now. It is a certain way of experiencing things. 

Utopias are first and foremost experiences. Utopias are multiple. And even utopias change. 


Without thinking in terms of experience, diversity, and change, utopias, if they aren’t already present, will likely never come into being.


Until then though, we must work to eradicate bads and turn them into worses that can be made better.


And teach people how to enjoy the goods.