To Dustin

Rather than awareness and objects, emptiness and form, Shiva and Shakti,

it would be better to call the two things: certainty and uncertainty.

The one thing is: probability, or, what happens to happen.

You talk about an Ever-Present Good,

But when everything feels like improvisation, how can I say what will be?

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    Dustin (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 16:51)

    It is the realization that awareness and objects are an inseparable pair that grants liberation. Emptiness and form are two faces of the same coin. Shiva and Shakti are always making love just as a snake chases its own tale. Certainty and and uncertainty can be easily confused with conceptual markers. When you rest beyond concept into the heart of Reality, knowing that you already know, everything presents itself spontaneously. Yes life-itself is improvisation-- but when you know it from the root, you don't depend on it being good in some relative way you know it could never be any other way. This is the grace of existence.

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    Zach (Friday, 08 April 2016 22:37)

    Thanks Dustin. I agree that certainty and uncertainty can be confused with conceptual markers. I'm using them because of their conceptual precision, because I was getting confused by the other phrases, and because I think the other phrases imply things that aren't true and that aren't actually revealed by the experience they are pointing to. For example, can you know that that deep goodness or grace could never be any other way? Doesn't feeling that require recognizing the heart of reality? Didn't that grace seem absent or at least less present before realization? Doesn't it grow with greater realization? My contention is that despite the apparent certitude that comes with realization, it actually doesn't reveal much at all, especially about the future. What it does reveal is that it's possible, feels really good, and is probably worth cultivating, more and more.