Your Soul's Calling is More Important than Enlightenment

Your soul’s calling is more important than enlightenment.

For some, that calling is for enlightenment.

For others, it is for something else.

For others it is different things at different times.

And even if it appears scattered, or many, or divergent from the outside,

from the inside it is felt as whole.

Your soul’s calling is a profound service – whatever it is.

More so, no matter what that thing is, than even enlightenment, even your highest ideal, even goodness for all.

Because each of these is just a golden straight jacket. A fixed state, a dead idea.

The soul’s calling is dynamic, diverse, and open to the next movement.

Until death, your soul doesn’t stop calling.

By each of us following our soul’s calling, we spontaneously and simultaneously fulfill our individual destinies and greatest needs, while contributing to that same kind of world for each and every person.

It is Indra’s net and more. Not just reflecting each other, but each one empowering all the rest, through transmission and inspiration. And what we reflect in the other is not our outer expression but our inner creative powers.

Perhaps getting enlightened is the key to following your soul’s calling. But no, because your soul speaks both before and after your enlightenment.

And if following your own soul’s calling does not enlighten, then enlightenment was not yours to do. Enlightenment is only one of the myriad beautiful things to do in the open wilderness we create by walking.


So what instead…


First, it’s okay to not want to get enlightened.

Second, imagine…

An ecology of views,

following a road and passing many sights along the way, and never knowing whether the road will end,

life getting better and better, yet perhaps never being perfect.

Imagine living with your whole life-as-this-moment at the center of your attention and each element of your life arising as a part of it, but never mistaking any one of these parts as being more important than the whole thing.

Our souls are our whole lives moving toward its next moment and

their paths are self-arising.

Taking on, one at a time, each of the myriad beautiful things we do in the open wilderness we create by walking.