Yours to Do in Every Moment

You know when you have the feeling that there is something you are avoiding?


I’ve come to love that feeling.


That feeling is how I know what is mine to do. It tells me what is important. And it tells me how I am supposed to be contributing to others, or to myself, or just growing right then and there.


That feeling has become my most important guide. You may want to use it as your guide as well. I’ve chosen it because it is clear to me that this is how we grow our integrity, power, and impact over time. It’s how we will have the deepest fulfillment, that will well out from the very center of ourselves. It’s how we will give ourselves the biggest, most meaningful, most worthwhile challenges to face.


It may not always feel like avoiding something, but it will always feel like the thing that is yours to do. And if you don’t know what is yours to do, then just sit in the not knowing until you do. It’s terrifying, I know.  But it’s better than anything else, because it’s real. Because you’re invested from the very beginning. Asking for what is yours to do and waiting when you don’t know is like saying to yourself and to the universe. This moment matters! You matter, I matter, what I do matters! It taps you into your purpose immediately, and helps you deepen your perception of it over time. 


You can do this. If you fail, ask again. What is yours to do? Keep asking. Keep doing it. In the beginning it may feel confusing or complicated. Eventually it won’t. Eventually you’ll absorb the question and won’t need to think about it as much anymore. Your willingness to do what is yours to do will have become your background disposition and it will feel more like deep, purposeful, spontaneous flow. 


So, what is yours to do in this moment?