Reflections on Winning

“Nordic-style larp is about creating an exciting and emotionally affecting story together, not measuring your strength. There is no winning, and many players intentionally let their characters fail in their objectives to create more interesting stories.” (


What is life about? It’s even more open than this: We get to choose.


In life, there is winning. Winning means getting want you want. There is also winning in Nordic Larp, though they aren’t admitting it, it’s just that winning means to have a good time. What they really care about is having fun. Their characters are pretend characters. They play a game of caring about things in order to have fun. They don’t care if their pretend characters fail or not. They don’t care if their characters don’t get what their characters want. They don’t care if their characters experience sadness because they aren’t their characters, and even their characters’ sadness is fun for them.


What can we learn from this? Two things:

  1.  That if you want to enjoy your life no matter what happens, then you shouldn’t care what happens to you really, because no matter what, if you take life as a game that you play you’ll be able to enjoy whatever happens to you. It will be more interesting to play at wanting things.
  2. That trying to talk your way out of seeing things this way if it’s not what you want, or if you want something else more that happens to be mutually exclusive with playing at life, is total bullshit. You can’t help wanting want you want. So if you want to get what you want, which you do, then you shouldn’t ever let anyone convince to go for something something else, no matter how good it sounds. Instead, you should go for whatever you want wholeheartedly, with as much intelligence, skill and care as you can possibly muster, and get as much help from those who can help you as you possibly can.


Are you doing this?