Things I Know for Certain

Like A Repository of Deep and Common Sense Wisdom, this blog post will remain open. I will add to it if I become certain about more things (and I suppose I'll subtract from it if I decide I was wrong about any of these things, though I will try to keep a very high bar for them, such that I would be very surprised if I removed something).


-     We can be certain about some things.

-     Something is happening.

-     There is some awareness of what is happening.

-     There are distinctions between the things I experience.

-     One of these distinctions is between things I experience and the experience/knowing/awareness of them.

-     There are relationships between things.

      - a corollary courtesy Robert Sharf: realism and idealism entail each            other because mind and world enfold each other.

-     Change has occurred.

-     Some things matter (have meaningful consequences).

-     Experiences can suck and be awesome to varying degrees.

-     I might have apple crisp in the future. This is a statement about possibility: in principle, anything which is not certainly impossible is certainly possible. 


Under consideration:


-       Utopias are Real and Not All Created Equal