Utopias are Real and Not All Created Equal

Utopias are good experiences and good experiences strung together.


Just as there are larger and smaller infinities, so too there are better and worse utopias. As with infinities, there are utopias of different kinds.


I know a utopian life is possible because I have had periods of my life, lasting one moment and sometimes more, that were positive.


I know that utopias come in hierarchies because not all of these moments and strings of moments were equally good.


I know that a diversity of utopian lives is possible because not all of these moments and series of moments were the same.




because the future is always uncertain,[1] we will never been able to say for sure that our life will be utopian, only that it has been utopian for a certain amount of time.




because theory is never conclusive,[2] because the actualities of the past do not guarantee the possibilities of the future[3] and because the map is only part of the territory, we cannot rely on any of this with absolute confidence. If we want to experience utopian lives or better utopian lives or different utopian lives, we must simply take up the project of actually trying to have positive experiences,

and string as many of them together as possible,


or make them as good as possible,


or make them as diverse as possible,


while reporting them to others so they can do the same.[4]



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